Quick Help

You can use Track to check the status of your shipment at any time during and after delivery. With just a few clicks..

What Do I Need to Know?

Here are some helpful tips:

Track by tracking BL Number. ĘC You can enter either MBL /MAWB or HBL/HAWB No. to check the status of your ocean or air shipments.

Summary Results - The Summary Results screen shows status, destination, and date and time delivery information by B/L number. To get more details on any shipment, click on the underlined B/L number..

Date and time - The Delivery Date/Time on the Detailed Results page reflects the time of delivery according to the time zone of the destination.

Tracking older shipments - Tracking information is available for Happy Logistics shipments within 120 days of shipment. To find the status of a shipment older than 120 days,please contact overseas@happylogistics.cn

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