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Happy Forwarding (China) Ltd., Middle management training

A Middle-level managers training was held in Guangzhou during the New Year¡¯s Day Holiday

To improve middle-level managers¡¯ quality has become the priority of the current HR management, since the lack of middle management ability will impede the development of the company. In order to adapt to new situations and requirements of our company¡¯s fast development, also with the aim to establish our company to be a learning organization, all management staff of different departments from our headquarters company and all managers from branch companies took part in this 3-day training organized by the HR dept.

During this training, our company¡¯s high-level managers gave lectures in person. Through the experts lectures, by watching The Apprentice, mixing with the company¡¯s philosophy , it made those middle-level managers clear about the direction of development and realize they needed to improve their leadership ability, be able to find the principal obstructions in group building and have some practical ways to strengthen a group as a middle-level manager. They discussed and analyzed the problems in business and management, and they came to an agreement after the meetings.

To further improve the management skills and level, and make the middle-level managers work more efficiently, we will organize an ongoing series of training for management, so the managers can apply the modern management knowledge and scientific ways of management to their work, which will make them be a strong assets in the company¡¯s development. Meanwhile, we will enhance the training of ordinary staff to make every employee grow with the company.

This training served as a prelude to establish our company to be a learning enterprise.  
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